Sunday, December 4, 2011

a quick trip to France

{Amelie Laurence}

I just returned home 
from a quaint little get-away
in France.
I went this morning 
and returned this morning
on my laptop.

Grange De Charme

Always lovely.
Always inspiring.
Hope you enjoy the voyage.
Have a beautiful weekend.

xo deborah

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chair Couture, White Lights and Snow

Hollywood Regency

Saw these silver metallic chairs
as I scrolled through a few favorite
etsy shops...

Maybe I should change my frou frou blog's name to

 Silver Chair Couture?

Are you ready for December?
It's here already!
I enjoy December.
Such a beautiful month to sit by the fire,
watch white lights light up the dark,
enjoy lighting candles in the evening,
and welcome 
Peace on Earth.

"Surely He taught us to 
Love one another.
His law is Love and 
His gospel is Peace"
Oh Holy Night  lyrics


"...And since we've no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."
{Another favorite Christmas song]

xo deborah


Sunday, November 13, 2011

greige intrigue



I am intrigued
 by this color.

I used to think of it as so
like a dark and cloudy day
blanketed by rain clouds.
But I'm seeing it differently
these days...




What do you think of

 xo deborah
{white chair couture}

images of inspiration from:
'shabby chic couture'
'I found my home'
 and the web.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

week end rest...


Sometimes the most urgent and
important thing you can do
is rest.

Have a refreshing weekend!

Xo deborah

Saturday, July 30, 2011

happy weekend!

{ being }

I never loose sight of the fact
that just being
is fun.
                Katherine Hepburn                  

xo deborah

Friday, July 22, 2011

Resting Place

We were designed with a need
to stop,
get out of the noisey traffic
and rest
on occasion.

Even a 10 minute 'put your feet up'  works wonders.
Better that a double shot of espresso.
And costs less, too.

P.S.  I still enjoy my coffee...

He is my resting place.
{Jeremiah 50:6}

What do you do for an occasional rest?
xo deborah

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Al Fresca Life}

{Al Fresca Life}

I think I could live outdoors.

Coffee in the garden with my husband
 in the morning,
taking our kids and their friends
to the lake on a hot afternoon,
a late dinner on the deck by candlelight
and stargazing from the porch late at night.

How about you?
Do you enjoy life 'al fresca', too?


{inspired images: the web}

Saturday, July 16, 2011

painted couture

When you look at 
natural wood
does your imagination
automatically start to envision
it would look like

Maybe in your mind's eye
 you see an aged
application technique...

Or a crackled, weathered finish.

I have an appreciation for
quality antique wood
so I would most likely
{not certainly}
not alter it's finish with paint, but...

To add interest,
and charm
with the wave of a brush?

Absolutely delightful!

I have several 'transformation projects' ideas
bouncing around in my head.

 I noticed that my paint supply cupboard
was getting sparse so while running errands,
I picked up a few things. 

I found some oil paint,
and some cotton white inteior gloss,
a little can of walnut Minwax,
and for a splash of color for fall
...or Christmas,
...or summer,
I  grabbed
 a nice shiney red oil paint.
{a child's chair for every season?}

As the cashier was adding up my bill
she asked the common question

 "what are you going to paint?"

All of a sudden my mind went off and running
and I  began to picture it:

all of the oak trim in our whole house,

the wet bar that would look nice aged,

the children's bathroom cabinets,

the hammock room under the deck,

and  STOP!
{hear brakes and crash sound!}

So rather than really answering
 her question
I just said
"Oh, just a few projects"
with a kind smile.

 I wished her a nice afternoon
and went on my way
with my little bag of supplies
that provide many opportunities for
creativity bliss.

xo deborah

{images and the web}
Are you a painter, too?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

summer pleasures

What do you enjoy most about summer?

Is it the joy of caring for gardens?

Or cooking and eating outdoors?

Enjoying nature with friends and family,

or  quietly alone?

Do you enjoy theme parks?

And all the creatures of the sea?

Or do you prefer Paris?

Where you can enjoy the city lights?

And feel like a princess?

Are art galleries and museums your cup of tea?

Or dipping your toes into a vast ocean? 


Travel to far away places? 

Or a staycation and creating your own lights?


Or have  clear open space in your life for little things?

Maybe just enough space for a good rest.

What are your favorite summer pleasures?

Happy Summer!

xo deborah
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