Thursday, July 19, 2018

a book and a bowl, undecorated

I have to laugh out loud as I search through my computer files 
to find the photos that I sent from my phone to update and post here on found {interiors}. As I scrolled through the hundreds of photos 
I saw images of our living spaces over the last several years...
Everything green for almost a decade, lace everything with mosaic and roses before that... and that chevron grass cloth wallpaper!
Zigzag. I have enough zigzag in my life. What to do?
A few years ago one of my sisters gave me a 10 gallon bucket of joint compound and told me how easy it was to apply right over any existing wall. Really? I'll have to think about that. 
And then at last something happened.
My husband went on a business trip so I thought no better time than now to get it done.  It was told to me that it would take only a few days tops.  Eleven days later I was still smearing white paste over the anxiety inducing grass cloth wall paper.  I did try to remove the wall paper but I could see that I was going to lose the battle so I conceded. I was just wanting undecorated walls to start over with and in the process I found that I loved the clear, clean space of nothing right in the middle of our living room.
Life can be so colorful.
Lots of children call this place home.
Lots of cooking, cleaning, running, doing...
I've heard of white noise.
I was looking for white space.
Always adjusting, evolving, changing to the needs of this growing family and the household four legged begging, shedding pets.
So hairy. The pets.
And all the girls have lonnnnng hair.
We give our vacuum roller a haircut every month, no kidding.
But did you know a lab sheds it's entire coat every 3 months?
I could start a business making men's toupees or throw pillows.
A bucket of compound was symbolic of the simplicity I craved.
So I finished the easy 2 day project in 11.5 days, just in time to hurry off to the airport to welcome home traveling husband.
I quickly rinsed off the tools and shoved the almost empty bucket onto the crowded workbench in the garage, washed the white crust off my arms and hands and tried to look less 'messy haired crazy lady' as I ran out the door to pick up waiting husband.
This bowl is from a restaurant closing sale that my sister took me to. She said that she and mom went there often.  
The book: Mom was a descendant of the Bohemian lifestyle.
So much unknown about family history and a few things I do know
but either was it is always interesting so the book and the bowl seem to compliment each other well here on a clean open space.
It's a reminder of history with literal space created, shaped and protected for the future.  Room to breathe.
A few days later our family was working in the garage and as we cleaned out and moved things around my husband asked "where should we put this old ladder?"
"How about the living room? It somehow it seems to fit."
Growing, changing, rearranging, working, simplifying, layers and layers of compound and paint drips serve as reminders of progress, past victories and growth.
"Mom, are you gonna sand the walls?" Nope.
"Are you gonna paint the walls?"  No.
I am leaving it like it is. Raw. Honest. Pure. 
Even a bit jaded but true to itself.
At a glance the room looks peaceful. Clean. Simple. Clear.
The walls are reminders to breathe. Stop. Be present. 
No additives needed. No embellishments. No frills. Just pure.

Striving only unto rest.
Until next time,

Thursday, July 14, 2016

welcome { to the table }

the table
la table
la mesa
la tavola
der tisch
la sto
die tafel

No matter how you say it
 the table is a universal image
of connection, fellowship,
 blessing and giving thanks.
A place to rest, to dine, to write.

Go out to the roads and country lanes 
and compel them to come in, 
so that my house may be full.
Luke 14:23

There is a chair for everyone 
who would come to the King's table.

Seek while he may be found,
call upon him while he is near.
Isaiah 55

Sunday, July 3, 2016

{unseen} beauty

{unseen} beauty

In quietness and in trust shall be your strength.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

{pure} clear, simple

{pure} clear, simple




{having purpose}





images: the web

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating Lovliness

love-ly:  (luv' le)  full of love,
inspiring love or affection,
having beauty that appeals
 to the emotions as well as the eye,
enjoyable, delightful.
A quality that gives pleasure to the senses.

{Ballet by Emile Laurence}

{Timeless Garden Roses}

{Children, Sugar and Spice...}

{Cool Misty Mornings}

{Natural Beauty}

{Unique Creativity}

{Personal Tailored Style}

{Big and Little Celebrations}

{Expressions of Care and Value}

Have a beautiful, lovely weekend!


"... think about whatever is true, has honour,
 is right, is pure, and lovely, beautiful, commendable 
and has value or is excellent, think on these things."
Philippians 4:8

{Images: mine, flickr, pinterest and the web}

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A collection of inspirations...


Think about whatsoever is good,
true, lovely, pure,
good news.
If anything is praiseworthy ...
Think on such things.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Monday, July 16, 2012



What adventures 
have you enjoyed
the most during your summer?

This little spot in London 
looks interesting to me.
and I love 
that it is named Alice's.
My sweet 
Grandmother's name
was Alice.

Happy Adventures!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

a quick trip to France

{Amelie Laurence}

I just returned home 
from a quaint little get-away
in France.
I went this morning 
and returned this morning
on my laptop.

Grange De Charme

Always lovely.
Always inspiring.
Hope you enjoy the voyage.
Have a beautiful weekend.

xo deborah

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chair Couture, White Lights and Snow

Hollywood Regency

Saw these silver metallic chairs
as I scrolled through a few favorite
etsy shops...

Maybe I should change my frou frou blog's name to

 Silver Chair Couture?

Are you ready for December?
It's here already!
I enjoy December.
Such a beautiful month to sit by the fire,
watch white lights light up the dark,
enjoy lighting candles in the evening,
and welcome 
Peace on Earth.

"Surely He taught us to 
Love one another.
His law is Love and 
His gospel is Peace"
Oh Holy Night  lyrics


"...And since we've no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."
{Another favorite Christmas song]

xo deborah


Sunday, November 13, 2011

greige intrigue



I am intrigued
 by this color.

I used to think of it as so
like a dark and cloudy day
blanketed by rain clouds.
But I'm seeing it differently
these days...




What do you think of

 xo deborah
{white chair couture}

images of inspiration from:
'shabby chic couture'
'I found my home'
 and the web.

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